Monday, 24 July 2017

Zumba - R11

  • Explain the physical activity you participated in.
The activity we participated in was Zumba. Zumba is a more of relaxed workout for many people. Music is normally involved with Zumba, this makes it a lot more fun.
  • What level of effort and engagement were you participating at during today’s physical activity? Why? (Grade yourself NA, A or M and refer to marking criteria)
I give myself an achieved because I was organised and prepared for the activity by bringing my gear, I attempted to improve on my skills by doing the moves with enthusiasm, I tried to improve, through practise.
  • What were three factors which influenced your participation? (Choose from the list below, and put a + or - beside the three factors to show whether it positively or negatively influenced your participation).
Fitness -, Sense of Achievement +, Previous Experiences -
  • Explain HOW these factors affected your participation (with specific examples)
Fitness affected my participation in a negative because I haven't done Zumba in while. This caused me to be able to only do small movements, which be participate less. If I were to keep my fitness up, my movements would be big and I would be able to do a lot more moves without getting a stitch lol.
Sense of Achievement affected my participation in a positive way because I wasn't wanting to get a Merit for my grade. This made me want to get up and do Zumba confidently.
Previous Experiences affected my participation in a negative way because the was probably my first time doing Zumba - besides Jump Jam. This made me all stiff and small in my actions, making me want to participate less. If I was to know what to do when it comes to Zumba I would enjoy it more and make an effort to participate.
  • How could you increase your (or your peers) participation in this activity in the future? Something I would do to increase my participation is go through some moves before class with my friends to be more confident in an actual class time Zumba.


Georgia Dougherty said...

What an honest reflection Autymn. You have really thought about why your participation was low, and justified this with the factors. I laughed at the thought of you dancing then getting stitch! Maybe you ate too close to dancing? Did you think this was an interesting opportunity? Your reflections have become much more in depth and interesting to read, I am impressed with your progress. Miss D

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