Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Childhood Games - R15

  • Explain the physical activity you participated in.
In this activity, all we did was play games that we used to play back in our childhood. The games we played were Leap Frog, Handball, Four Square, Hop-Scotch, Octopus and skipping. We could chose to play any game after a few games of Leap Frog and Octopus. The game I chose, or we all chose was Four Square.
  • What level of effort and engagement were you participating at during today’s physical activity? Why? (Grade yourself NA, A or M and refer to marking criteria)
I give myself a merit because I was prepared and organised for the game by bringing my gear, I was motivated to play the game because they brought back a lot of memories, I worked hard towards my goal which was to be Queen/King at Four Square lol, I showed enjoyment by laughing while we played Leap Frog and I did my best while playing a game.
  • What were three factors which influenced your participation? (Choose from the list below, and put a + or - beside the three factors to show whether it positively or negatively influenced your participation).
Fun/Enjoyment +, Challenge+, Previous Experiences +
  • Explain HOW these factors affected your participation (with specific examples)
Fun/Enjoyment affected my participation in a positive way because I was enjoying myself and the others who I played with. This affected it because there were happy vibes all around. By having happy vibes around, there will be no anger or frustration that could cause me to not play at my standards. An example is when we played four square. I could tell some people were confused and some people were happy to just play. This is because happy vibes. #lit
Challenge affected my participation in a positive way because I was at least good at something when it came to each game. This made me want to play even more and have a challenge with my team mates. An example is when we played four square, by having some skill level such as skimming the ball, I was able to challenge a friend. This made me get to Queen for a long time.
Previous Experiences affected my participation in a positive way because I was able to pick up some skills that I had learnt back in Primary and Intermediate. This made me able to do those moves in our game today. An example is skipping. By learning how to do the double unders in Primary lol I was able to beat my friend when we versed.

  • How could you increase your (or your peers) participation in this activity in the future?
Something I would do to increase my peers participation is by giving more options to play so that there won't be a big line of waiting. The game I would probably bring in is Gutter-board or Marbles. This will lessen the waiting line and have more of us playing.


Tania said...

Kia or Autymn,
It was great to read about all of the childhood games you played - Leap Frog, Handball, Four Square, Hop-Scotch, Octopus and skipping were all games I played when I was at school too and like you I always felt like there were happy vibes around. It's funny how when we get to Secondary School all of these games stop happening. Glad to hear you enjoyed Four Square and challenged yourself to be Queen. Sounds like you have some great skills to stay in as Queen for so long. Maybe you could also increase your peers participation by teaching them some of your skills such as ball skimming. Will you get a change to try out gutter ball and/or marbles?

Maria Krausse said...

Malo e lelei Autymn,
Great to hear about the childhood games you played then and now. Did you also play bullrush? I haven't heard of Octopus. What is that?

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