Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Making yummy SANDWICHES!

Today we made delicious sandwiches with lots of healthy vegetables, ham and tuna. Our healthy vegetables were lettuce, carrot and cucumber. The last ingredient was cheese. I put all the ingredients in my sandwich.
My first vegetable was lettuce, then Mrs. Barry put some tuna on my other piece of bread. The second vegetable I put in my sandwich was the cheese, thirdly was the carrot and then cucumber. Lastly Mrs. Ramkolowan had handed out ham to my table. I put the ham in my sandwich and finally put the other piece of bread on my sandwich.

It looked really nice, and BIG.
After I put my sandwich together I had took a bite, it was delicious but really BIG. When I took a bite I could see all the 5 + a day colours, it looked amazing. I hope that we do sandwich making every day and get healthier.
Remember when you eat; eat healthy and try all the 5 + a day colours as they are really delicious.  


Krissy Rangi said...

Autymn, I like how you wrote the process of your sandwich making. It really does make me visualize how it was done and while I was reading this I got really hungry. You show that you really enjoy eating healthy and making healthy foods.

mummy said...

Hi my baby..I love to taste your yummy sandwich.Could you please have one made for me in the holidays.I love your story you will certainly be my sandwich maker any time.

Autymn said...

OK mum I will make you that sandwich for you. I hope you will enjoy it. If I make that sandwich will you get the ingredients?

Kazdenia said...

Autymn I really Love they way that you described the progress of the way that you made your you have any tips on how to make a healty sandwich?

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