Monday, 12 June 2017

Balance and Stability

In Balance and Stability there are 3 parts. They are called Centre of Gravity (COG), Line of Gravity (LOG) and Base of Support (BOS). For someone to increase their balance and stability in a position or stance, they need to widen their Base of Support, lower their Centre of Gravity and keep their Line of Gravity closer to the middle of their Base of Support. A way to improve your balance and stability is to keep your Centre of Gravity inside your Base of Support. If our COG is on the outside of our BOS, we will lose our accuracy, control and power therefore making us unstable. The task we had to do, as you can see in the google slides is re-create positions or structures and find the COG, LOG, BOS in each position. What I found difficult was keeping everyone safe but at the same time, getting the job done. Above all that I did enjoy that relieved feeling I felt when the structure was done and completed. I also did enjoy the learning that the COG - Centre of Gravity is not always in the middle of our bodies. The task we did today, was get 6 images. 3 of our photos and 3 of athletes that were doing different positions. We had to find where the COG, LOG, and BOS for each photo. 


Georgia Dougherty said...

Thank you for sharing your learning process Autymn, and reflecting on what challenged you. This is a great post for you to come back to in the future, especially in Y12 when you might be stuck on the key parts of this biomechanical principle. Did you find this activity helpful and/or enjoyable?

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