Wednesday, 28 June 2017

200 Challenge - R9

  • Explain the physical activity you participated in.
The activity we participated in was a fitness workout. We had to do 200 squats, 200 sit ups and 20 laps around a cone, alternating with a partner. We could every rotate when doing the workout, or do it all at once, it was at our control.
  • What level of effort and engagement were you participating at during today’s physical activity? Why? (Grade yourself NA, A or M and refer to marking criteria)
I give myself a merit because even though it was a new physical activity I was motivated and reliable to my partner during the workouts, I worked hard towards getting to that 200 goal with my partner as well, I helped out my partner when she was tired by taking over until she was ready to go again, I tried my best to have perseverance, and I wanted to improve my performance by doing the squat/sit up the correct way.
  • What were three factors which influenced your participation? (Choose from the list below, and put a + or - beside the three factors to show whether it positively or negatively influenced your participation).
Friends/Classmates +, Sense of Achievement +, Fitness -
  • Explain HOW these factors affected your participation (with specific examples)
Friends/Classmates affected my participation in a positive way because I knew my Year 9 partner. This allowed me to be comfortable with doing the fitness in front of her. An example was when I didn't wanna do squats in front of people, but because I knew her, I was in my comfort zone.
Sense of Achievement affected my participation in a positive way because I achieved my goal by getting to 200 squats before. This is because I have never done 200 squats before, but aiming to do it and achieving it was a cool experience. An example was when me and my partner were on our last 10 squats, we didn't give up, we kept going and achieved our goal.
Fitness affected my participation in a negative way because I am unfit or in other words lazy. This is because I haven't done Fitness since a while ago, so it was hard to get used to the whole workout progress again. An example was when I was tired by just doing 20 sit ups.
  • How could you increase your (or your peers) participation in this activity in the future?
To increase my participation I would have to do more exercise and fitness to be used to all the workouts. If I do this, I would get tired so fast and I would be able to go more further in a Fitness Workout.


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