Friday, 29 November 2013

Life Education / Body Parts and Alcohol

Body Parts are made out of muscles. There are lots of body parts in our system such as your Liver, Organs, Brain, Stomach, Kidney, Small/Large Intestines, Lungs, Spinal Cord and the most important one is your Heart. The heart is the most strongest muscle in your body, it pumps your blood and it keeps you alive. All your body parts do all kinds of things like your Liver breaks up all the chemicals in Alcohol and turns it into water...Magic, but the liver can only break down a standard drink size.

When you drink alcohol it goes down your esophagus, then into your stomach then through intestines then up into your liver. After the alcohol travels through the liver it will travel up to your brain and makes your brain messages send slowly to your body because your brain sends little messages to tell your body what to do and  how to learn.

Ben told us everything about what alcohol can do to us and how it can damage our body so it is very important to drink a little amount of alcohol. There are 3 different types of alcohol such as beer which is ok, then it goes wine which is medium ok and last but not least is Spirits, the spirits are the high kind of alcohol such as Woodstock, Vodka and others. So if you drink a lot of those drinks you can have a 75% of dieing.

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Friday, 22 November 2013

My favourite thing to do


My favourite sport is Swimming. Swimming is a water activity. You can do Freestyle, Backstroke, Breaststroke and plenty more. My favourite stroke is Freestyle because that is the main stroke in Swimming and also I find it very easy. Swimming is an important kind of sport because if you don’t know how to swim some serious drowning can happen to you, so I learn how to swim every time I enter the water.

Swimming is an interschool sport at my School, our class teacher teaches us how to do strokes and some important skills like teaching us how to save a person’s life from drowning. Swimming is also a competitive sport, you verse anyone who knows how to swim. Winning or Losing is not a big deal because you gave it your best! When our school goes to swimming interschools we make new friends or we just leave them as competitors, but it is really cool to make new friends.

When I swim I glide, I hold my breath, I sometimes do fitness in the water and also I just have fun. Having fun in the water is like splashing the water, doing bombs, jumping off the diving board and all kinds of things. When you go to the pools or beach you can also have fun with adults and kids that aren’t even you age, you can play really funny water games or have handstand competitions.

In Conclusion, I think Swimming is an important type of sport. You can lose your life if you don’t know how to swim. Swimming is fun and I love it.

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Sebastian the Tiger

Once upon a time there lived  2 best friends their names are Kurtis and Clinton. One day Kurtis and Clinton wanted a pet so they decided to search around London to find a store with animals. They went past a street and found a big store that had everything, they had animals, techno devices and many more things. Kurtis and Clinton went to the animal department and saw that there were all kinds of animals such as Monkeys, Sloth's, Birds, Giraffes and 1 baby Tiger.

Kurtis and Clinton purchased the 1 month old baby tiger and took him home. Months went past and Sebastian the tiger grew even bigger so Kurtis and Clinton took him to a church that had an appropriate land size for a tiger, but Sebastian grew bigger and faster, so Kurtis and Clinton decided to take Sebastian to an Asian rainforest.

4 days went past and Sebastian's flight was due, him and Kurtis and Clinton went to Asia and set Sebastian FREE. It took along time for Sebastian to get used to the land but it he got used to it, and started to play around like it was his regular home. 1 year went past and Sebastian was a big Tiger, Kurtis and Clinton missed him and went back to the rainforest in Asia.

"Sebastian, Sebastian, where are you?" Kurtis and Clinton said repeatedly. Then along came a big tiger. This big tiger walked up to Kurtis and Clinton and started to chase Kurtis and Clinton, they all thought it was Sebastian but it was his friend, then... Roar. All you could see was Sebastian guarding Kurtis and Clinton, licking their faces and giving them a huge tiger hug.


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Email to Mr. Williamson

Dear Mr. Williamson

Thank you Mr. Williamson for inspiring Room 11 & 12 with the words you said to make us not let people bring us down. You shared interesting stories about your work life and the way you work. Also the interesting facts you shared with Room 11 &  12 really amazed me like how big the salary band is, wow, that was really interesting.

Thank you so much for your fun speech today and I hope that I won’t let anyone bring me down in my future and I will get a really great job.

My Rap - Volleyball

My Rap : Volleyball / V1/ Chorus/ V2/ Chorus/

For Sports Camp we do Volleyball,Volley is common of them all,Serving, spiking and digging too,That’s why I think it’s really cool.

I spike the ball,but that’s not all,we communicate as a team,and we fight like rocket beam.

I dig to a friend,to hit we must bend, to serve you must throw.Jump and let it go,to spike it hangs on the tip of the net,I’ll whack it, lets make a betVOLLEYBALL.. VE VE VE VOLLEYBALL X2

I spike the ball,but that’s not all,we communicate as a team,and we fight like rocket beam.

The Tree Fire

We had been having a lot of fun lighting fireworks, but finally after what seemed like hours we ran out of fireworks and decided to go to bed. As I brushed my teeth I looked out the window and saw……….

There was a huge tree on fire, the fire was so bright it looked like the whole entire neighbourhood was on fire. The flames coming out of the tree were growing even faster, faster than I could say FIRE. The fire became bigger, so big it began to burn the neighbours gutter. The police arrived not long after the fire-fighters, there were red and blue lights flashing everywhere. They were very bright, brighter than the moon that glowed at night...

Not long after that, the tree fire slowly eased down while the fire-fighters were spraying it with freezing cold water. All of  a sudden it was quiet and dark. All the policemen and fire-fighters were gone, there were no lights, no water, no big vehicles and no tree fire...

Everyone went home and peacefully went to bed. It was just over midnight and everyone was fast asleep in their comfy beds. Morning arrived and there was burnt wood everywhere. The whole neighbourhood helped and cleaned up so that we all could have a nice and clean neighbourhood. It was time to go to school and the bus arrived and dropped us off to school...

‘Ring ring ring’ the bell went and it was time to go to class. It was a regular day and finally the day came to an end. Everyone was tired and they all went home to bed....