Thursday, 21 November 2013

Sebastian the Tiger

Once upon a time there lived  2 best friends their names are Kurtis and Clinton. One day Kurtis and Clinton wanted a pet so they decided to search around London to find a store with animals. They went past a street and found a big store that had everything, they had animals, techno devices and many more things. Kurtis and Clinton went to the animal department and saw that there were all kinds of animals such as Monkeys, Sloth's, Birds, Giraffes and 1 baby Tiger.

Kurtis and Clinton purchased the 1 month old baby tiger and took him home. Months went past and Sebastian the tiger grew even bigger so Kurtis and Clinton took him to a church that had an appropriate land size for a tiger, but Sebastian grew bigger and faster, so Kurtis and Clinton decided to take Sebastian to an Asian rainforest.

4 days went past and Sebastian's flight was due, him and Kurtis and Clinton went to Asia and set Sebastian FREE. It took along time for Sebastian to get used to the land but it he got used to it, and started to play around like it was his regular home. 1 year went past and Sebastian was a big Tiger, Kurtis and Clinton missed him and went back to the rainforest in Asia.

"Sebastian, Sebastian, where are you?" Kurtis and Clinton said repeatedly. Then along came a big tiger. This big tiger walked up to Kurtis and Clinton and started to chase Kurtis and Clinton, they all thought it was Sebastian but it was his friend, then... Roar. All you could see was Sebastian guarding Kurtis and Clinton, licking their faces and giving them a huge tiger hug.


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