Friday, 22 November 2013

My favourite thing to do


My favourite sport is Swimming. Swimming is a water activity. You can do Freestyle, Backstroke, Breaststroke and plenty more. My favourite stroke is Freestyle because that is the main stroke in Swimming and also I find it very easy. Swimming is an important kind of sport because if you don’t know how to swim some serious drowning can happen to you, so I learn how to swim every time I enter the water.

Swimming is an interschool sport at my School, our class teacher teaches us how to do strokes and some important skills like teaching us how to save a person’s life from drowning. Swimming is also a competitive sport, you verse anyone who knows how to swim. Winning or Losing is not a big deal because you gave it your best! When our school goes to swimming interschools we make new friends or we just leave them as competitors, but it is really cool to make new friends.

When I swim I glide, I hold my breath, I sometimes do fitness in the water and also I just have fun. Having fun in the water is like splashing the water, doing bombs, jumping off the diving board and all kinds of things. When you go to the pools or beach you can also have fun with adults and kids that aren’t even you age, you can play really funny water games or have handstand competitions.

In Conclusion, I think Swimming is an important type of sport. You can lose your life if you don’t know how to swim. Swimming is fun and I love it.


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