Friday, 29 November 2013

Life Education / Body Parts and Alcohol

Body Parts are made out of muscles. There are lots of body parts in our system such as your Liver, Organs, Brain, Stomach, Kidney, Small/Large Intestines, Lungs, Spinal Cord and the most important one is your Heart. The heart is the most strongest muscle in your body, it pumps your blood and it keeps you alive. All your body parts do all kinds of things like your Liver breaks up all the chemicals in Alcohol and turns it into water...Magic, but the liver can only break down a standard drink size.

When you drink alcohol it goes down your esophagus, then into your stomach then through intestines then up into your liver. After the alcohol travels through the liver it will travel up to your brain and makes your brain messages send slowly to your body because your brain sends little messages to tell your body what to do and  how to learn.

Ben told us everything about what alcohol can do to us and how it can damage our body so it is very important to drink a little amount of alcohol. There are 3 different types of alcohol such as beer which is ok, then it goes wine which is medium ok and last but not least is Spirits, the spirits are the high kind of alcohol such as Woodstock, Vodka and others. So if you drink a lot of those drinks you can have a 75% of dieing.


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