Thursday, 10 August 2017

Energy Systems

Energy Systems is when energy operates our bodies, makes our bodies work and move. We normally get energy from food. In Energy systems there are three specific systems. They are ATP-PC, Anaerobic and Aerobic. In ATP-PC, PC stands Phosphate Creatine. This is a body source for energy that are stored in our muscles. ATP-PC is when we do powerful and short moves in a sport, this lasts about 0 - 12 seconds. An example is a spike in volleyball, short but powerful. Anaerobic is when we have enough oxygen in our muscles, for a short period of time, mainly around 12 secs - 2 minutes. An example is the first 2 minutes of a volleyball game. Aerobic is when we need oxygen to last a long period of time in a game. An example for any sport is the whole game.

Energy System
Example in Volleyball
0 - 12 seconds
Serve, Dig, Spike, Set, Dive, Rotation
12 secs - 2 minutes
First two minutes of the game
2 minutes +
Whole Game


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