Monday, 31 July 2017

Projectile Motion

Projectile Motion is when a object is travelling through the air or anything in the air. For example, a ball or a javelin being thrown. There are 3 parts to Projectile Motion, and they are the Angle of Release, Height of Release and the Speed of Release. The optimal angle of release is 45 degrees. The higher you are when releasing an object, the longer it will travel. The greater the speed the greater the height and distance will be. When a ball is thrown into the air, there is always a flight path, and that is called trajectory (flight path). The projectile is the object moving in the air, so in a Basketball case, when a shot is done, the basketball is the projectile. The activity we did was shoot paper in the air with rubber bands. We had to figure out what the right amount of paper was (too big = too heavy too small = too light), the amount of power we gave the paper (the further back our rubber band launch was), the angle of where to release it and the distance we stood from the target. 


Cyla said...

Hi Autymn
I used to play Basketball as a kid and it's good to know the science and flight path behind taking a shot

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