Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Skeletal System

For the past weeks 1101PE have been and are still studying about Anatomy and Bio-mechanics. There are many components to Anatomy and Bio-mechanics which are Bones & Muscles, Bio-mechanics, and Exercise Physiology. This week we learnt about Bones & Muscles, types of bones and the purpose of bones (our skeletal system). There are 4 types of bones in our body which are called Long bones, Short bones, Flat bones and the Irregular bones. An example for one of these is a Humerus which belongs to a Long Bone. The purpose of a long bone is it produces red blood cells for our body. Some roles for the skeletal system is our posture, movement, calcium storage, protection for our organs, and blood cell production. Something interesting I learnt during the lessons is that babies have more bones that us, that is why they are so fragile. Another interesting fact I learnt is that the front of your skeletal system is called Anterior, and the back of your skeletal system is called Posterior. This photo represents one of the ways we revised for each bone in our bodies. We were told to get equipment out of our sports shed and make our own skeleton. These are the bones, that we have learnt.


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