Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Being Adaptable

Being Adaptable in PE.

A strategy that I chose was being adaptable during class. This means to accept a change of plan and to manage myself throughout the change. I am going to apply this in my learning if my teacher changes her mind in what we are doing for class, for example, if we were told it is going to be a practical period but then is changed to a theory period, I will not be upset and slow to latch on to her decision in class. Getting on with my leftover work or continuing to play in practical is what I will do to be adaptable in PE.


Georgia Dougherty said...

Nice Autymn! You have explained your strategy and given examples of how you will show your adaptability. Why do you think being adaptable is important? I think for your future posts you should consider adding videos or pictures, because then you may enjoy the blogging a little more :)

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