Monday, 8 September 2014

Dragon on the Loose!

Dragon on the loose

We are live in central park reporting to you about a vicious dragon on the loose. There’s no explanation on how it got here, we’re just wondering where it came from. Back to you Paul, live from central park. Well we are having trouble with people running around screaming their lungs out, Paul tries to concentrate on getting information back to the studio. “To get more information I will read description of the dragon, here we go”, says Paul in a frightened way.

His eyes glow with fiery red pupils. People say when you look into the dragons eyes, you go through 4 stages of complete death. To avoid death you have to successfully complete the         stages without, saying ‘this hurts’. Here are the stages:
  • Blindness / 2 days
  • Dehydration / 1 day
  • Pins and Needles on the face / 1 day
  • Itchy rashes everywhere / 1 day

His legs are big, and they have sparkly green scales. His claws look like 5 razor sharp swords, ready to slice, with pointy long toes. His claws can rip up a body within 2 seconds.

The dragons body is nice and slim, his skin shines when he enters the light. He glows when his eyes looks straight into water. Then the most beautiful things happen. He turns into a bright shining water lily, but when he hears people he gets really angry and starts to grow even bigger and stronger, to search for his prey.

The dragon’s wings gather up air and throws it back into the sky, they flutter like 2 fans dripping with blood. They both sway left to right when the dragon lands to visit all the feared people.

People say that he has been around for more than a decade, and everyone knows how he is still alive. People say it has a power that can make you live more than 100 decades, and still he looks like he has the strength of a thousand men.

His mouth is covered with razor sharp teeth and he breathes out fire so hot, it can melt hell! He blows out red smoke, and searches with his is fiery eyes looking for something to devour.

You have now heard all the things that the describe this peculiar beast. So just a reminder don’t ever look into this dragons eyes and if you ever see this dragon up in the misty clouds call us asap at 0800 492 7812  . For a little bit more info this beast is predicted to be called the Red Knight Rider. Thank you and have a good evening, , we hope you tune in tomorrow on channel 3 live for some more news about the Red Knight Dragon.


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