Monday, 20 May 2013

ICT Collage

At Tamaki Collage, Glen Innes year 7 and 8's go there for Technology. Mrs. Anderson is the teacher for all the years 7's. Our topic is Passions. For a few weeks Mrs. Anderson taught us for to use Photo Shop. After we learned how to use Photo Shop we made a slide show about our 8 passions. When that was finished we had to sketch out the 8 passions. My passions are Multiculture, Food, Swimming, Animals, Sport, Music, Writing lyrics for a song and The Pools. The photos I had to sketch were Sushi for Food, My name in Chinese for Multiculture, A Music symbol for Music, a panda for Animals, A basket ball for Sport, a swimming pool for The Pools and a piece of paper with Lyrics on it for Writing lyrics for a song. When I was done I had put it all on a Collage, as you can see up top. I hope you like my collage. I would appreciate it if you commented on it on my blog!. Thanks.


Mikayla said...

Hey, I really like your passions. I also love the colours of your collage. It is really pretty and beautiful. Why did you put a basket ball on your collage, when you don't even play basket ball? Well I need to go now, fantastic work Autymn. Ka Pai.

kimberly said...

Hi Autymn,

My name is Kimberly and I am from Point England school, I like your poster it is really colourful and pretty you have really good passions.

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