Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Reflection 2012

2012 Reflections

What an exhausting year we have had in 2012, the Terms are going by really fast and days even faster, 2012 was just a hard working year.

Term 1 2012

During the beginning of term 1 we had Swimming then we had Y7 Cricket. After Y7 Cricket we had Trikids with Mark. I competed in Swimming and in Trikids, I came 2nd in all my races for swimming.  

Term 2

In Term 2 10 people tried out for Rippa Rugby, I was one of the 10 people. Our Rippa Rugby trainer was Alex, he is from the Auckland Marist Team. A Few weeks went by and there was Netball. A Lot of people tried out for Netball, but sadly a few people did not make it in. Mr. Hendricks introduced a new sport to us. That sport was kind of an adventurous sport and that was Orienteering. Once G.I School had training we all competed around the school, that was fun and TIRING! Rugby was up and the Y5, 6 and 7’s tried out for rugby and trained. We trained almost every day our team, the ten aside, sadly the whole competition was cancelled.

Term 3

Term 3 arrived and we trained for Cross-country and Football. I was one of the people who participated in Football. It was held at Pt England Reserve, and Cross-country was held at Bailey Road School. There school is HUGE! When all the sport events were done we were going to get our FABULOUS Netbooks. When we got our netbooks the school had a rumor about the Blue Light Disco. We had our Blue Light Disco and it was LOUD, CRAZY AND LOADS OF FUN.

Term 4

During the beginning of Term 4 a few people were making a film for Manaiakalani Film Festival. The Film Festival was held at Hoyts in Sylvia Park. 16 movies were going to be shown out of 70. Glen Innes School’s movie was the 14th one out of 16. Our film was pretty good, but we only had 1 film from Glen Innes. After the film festival we had Touch training, I was in one of the Touch teams. My group won our pool but sadly we lost the Finals so we came 2nd. Pt England beat our group. When touch was over G.I school was training for Athletics. The events in Athletics are Long Jump, High Jump, Softball, Shot Put and Discus. The running events are Relay, 100 metres, 75 metres, 50 metres and 400 metres. The event that I took part in was Discus. Sadly I came 4th. Now we are practicing for Class Items and Culture Groups. The Concert is tomorrow, I can’t wait until the Concert. After the Concert on Thursday the 2012 Patrol Group are going Breakfast at Mcdonalds and there is also Prize Giving on that day.

2012 was a hard working year and there were lots of sports events. I am glad that we got our netbooks because we can work on technology almost every single time of the day. Next year will be even better because we get to take them home!


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